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From Brain to Sensation: The Neurobiology of Your Five Senses

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

Course Description

Taste! Smell! Sound! Sight! Touch! Our world is alive with stimuli and these are just some of the many senses we use to explore and interact with our environment. But how are all of these senses transformed into our everyday perceptions and how do we respond?

Using a combination of individual and small group experiments, students will learn about the brain and how we detect and understand various stimuli using our sensory systems. We will cover the neurobiology of the gustatory (taste), olfactory (smell), auditory (sound), visual (sight) and somatosensory (touch) systems. Our brains don't stop there though, students will also learn about the neurobiology of the motor system, the part of our nervous system that controls our movements.

This class is based on the popular "Introduction to Neuroscience" course that is one of the first courses undergraduate students at Brown majoring in Neuroscience take.

At course end, students will understand the basic neuroanatomy of the major sensory and motor systems. Students will understand sensory transduction, the process by which stimuli from the external world are transformed into signals the brain can understand with each sensory system.

Students will exit the course with a basic understanding of the brain processes involved in perception, but we hope you will also leave with more questions than answers and the desire to learn more about the brain and science in general.

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