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Learn to Program in Five Days

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Course Description

This course is a whirlwind introduction to programming in Python. No programming experience is expected or required. By the end of the week, you will be able to design, execute, and debug your own code.

The goal of this course is to learn how to program using Python, a highly popular, easy-to-learn programming language. Though the course is fast-paced, it assumes no background whatsoever. Students will gain mastery of basic building blocks of programming: object-assignments, conditional statements, built-in-functions, iterative and recursive loops, function definitions, and more.

There will be programming assignments every night of the week, culminating with a final project inviting students to build their own program. Options include: a sudoku-solver, a mastermind-player, a Nim-player, an interactive database, and a crossword-puzzle constructor.

The programming experience gained here will be invaluable to students that wish to pursue computer science in college. As with spoken languages, one's experience with a given programming language can make it easier to pick up others.

Prerequisites: Algebra II.

Preferred: *zero* experience with Python.

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