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Arctic Geopolitics: A multidisciplinary approach

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Course Description

Climate change dramatically affects the Arctic environment and raises new challenges whether physical, environmental, economic, social or political. This course aims at exploring these complex changes from a multidisciplinary perspective.

In the context of climate change, the Arctic environment is facing significant changes. With the melting of the Arctic sea ice, the issue of the Arctic scramble has drawn considerable media and academic attention. Arctic's changing conditions pose several issues relating to strategic, environmental, economic, social and political interests, such as commercial shipping, natural resources extraction, threat on marine mammals, tourism, rights of indigenous population and above all territorial claims and Arctic governance. The purpose of this course is to explore these complex issues using a multidisciplinary approach. The course tackles international law principles and especially maritime law, principles of geography and history as well as elements of economics and political science. The course includes readings, student presentations and discussions in addition to incorporating videos and news articles.

The course will help students develop critical thinking on a variety of topics - law, economics, environment, politics and policy. The multidisciplinary approach is central in offering future college students a methodological framework to approach contemporary challenges. Students will learn how to draw parallels between different phenomenon and to combine theoretical and empirical approach in their understanding of the geopolitical importance of the Arctic.

This course is open to all students with a strong interest in contemporary environmental and political issues. Students will be required to participate in class and engage in a discussion on each topic - based on the readings. Strong interest and commitment is required.

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