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Global Public Policy

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Course Description

This course provides an overview of the politics of public policy from a global perspective. We begin by discussing models of policymaking and policy analysis. The second half of the course examines the role of political actors and applies the models from the beginning to specific policy areas.

Policy is no longer confined to national or state borders. When a state, city or country decides to enact specific policies these ripples are felt throughout the world. This concept is at the heart of this course - how policy is made in a global context. We must consider the various electoral environments that vary country by country. Moreover, how an electoral system is used by political parties to actors is crucial in understanding how policy is formulated and, most importantly, implemented.

To begin the course, we examine the founding policy models. Do the models predict effective policy? We then consider the number of political actors involved in policy making from political institutions, to actors, the economic markets and individuals. Does the market predict all policy? Can social movements change the course of policy, or are they simply "noise" to government actors? Is there a role, or must they push on the system to create role? This highlights a key question - what is the role of individuals living around the world in the policy making process?

We will examine the policies including: violence against women, hunger, labor policy, the free movement of people and civil liberties. The world is impacted by decisions made in Washington, D.C., Beijing, Jakarta, Nairobi and Sao Paulo. Decisions made in these capitals are not contained within their borders. As important elections take place throughout Europe and the global south we must consider how economic behavioral models are setting new policy. In addition, the role of technology in our policy environment is ever more present and crucial to understanding this process. Policy matters more than ever before and we must learn the tools of decision makers to be part of this process.

Students will understand the steps and process of policymaking and will be able to analyze the intersection of policy and politics - how each one influences the other.

No course pre-reqs

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