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Express Yourself - Speaking Effectively in Any Situation

Course enrollment will be available for this course once it is scheduled.

Course Description

Speaking in your second (or third or fourth!) language can be frustrating and intimidating. Learn how to better articulate your thoughts and express yourself with greater ease and fluency. Discover your unique voice while perfecting your own public speaking style so that you can face any speaking challenge from formal presentations to class discussions and the all-important college interview with confidence.

This course helps students achieve greater confidence and expertise as public speakers and communicators. Students will examine all aspects of the communication process: how to compose effective and direct speeches, interesting speeches, establish meaningful connections with audiences of any size (whether that audience consists of a small group or fills an auditorium) and master the critical art of persuasive speaking. The challenges of daily communication will also be extensively addressed and students will learn strategies for navigating intimidating situations (e.g. how to overcome shyness and participate more successfully in class discussions), along with conflict resolution techniques and will evolve a better understanding of culturally-specific verbal and non-verbal cues.

Students will practice their communications skills daily by presenting short prepared speeches ranging from the informal to formal, or through engagement in debates and mock interviews. Brief impromptu speaking exercises will provide students opportunities to develop their conversational skills while learning to quickly organize their thoughts and speak fluidly with little to no preparation.

By attending a variety of public lectures and events students will learn to critique and analyze rhetorical techniques and tactics used in formal speaking and speech writing. Students will read classical and contemporary rhetorical theory and analyze significant speeches from the past and present.

Communicating effectively is a critical skill. When we don’t speak (whether from shyness or lack of confidence) or speak ineffectively we undermine ourselves, risking the potential of being overlooked or easily dismissed. By the end of this course students will be able to compose presentations in a variety of formats and communicate with impact and confidence in any situation.

No prior public speaking experience is required. All English language proficiency levels are welcome.

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