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A new study shows.....How to handle conflicting evidence

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Course Description

Have you ever read an article that relies on a scientific study to draw conclusions, only to learn of another study with contradicting results? One day eating chocolate is good for you, the next it is not. How do we reconcile these conflicting messages - or are they conflicted at all? This course will help students critically assess and synthesize evidence to inform decision-making and develop well-informed research questions.

The course will be structured to follow the steps in conducting systematic reviews: developing a research question, searching published articles, screening articles, extracting data, applying basic statistics to conduct meta-analysis, and assessing the quality of evidence gathered and validity of conclusions. Students will choose a topic of interest and engage each of these steps as it relates to their own areas. They will learn to critically read scientific papers, have special access to Brown-developed software for assistance in conducting systematic reviews, and will be working with experts in both the teaching of evidence synthesis methods and the methods themselves. Course structure will include lectures and workshops to maximize one-on-one instructor time with students, and will conclude with student presentations of their findings.

By the end of this course, students will:
• understand how to critically read a published article and understand findings
• create a well-developed research question
• evaluate evidence sources
• synthesize quantitative data

Open to all high school students with an interest in statistics and/or general research.

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