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When Old Artists Were You: Gaining Your Edge through Critical/Creative Making

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Course Description

This course is an exploration of your creative edge, and is all about critical making that comes from critical thought. We will begin by examining the methods and means by which professional artists express their own creativity, and use this as a springboard into developing your creative position. The course allows for each student to move at their own pace using a variety of methods and materials. In the process, students will discover the absence of right or wrong answers in the construction of their own creativity: there are only the solutions found in the moments of creating.

We will watch documentaries on the lives and practices of professional artists as a backdrop for ideas and conversations about creativity and methods of expression as you learn and make your own discoveries, while pushing the boundaries of your creative process. For example, many of you cannot imagine your life today without your mobile devices, but if Giacometti were designing for the future, what would he make for today? Conversely, if you were Giacometti, living in the 1960’s, what would you design for that yesterday? What if sculptures were as temporary as snap chat? How would you create a sculpture that was designed to disappear upon completion of its purpose?

At the end of the course you will learn:

  • About the lives and creative doings of select professional artists.
  • That the power of your thoughts serves as the fuel for your creative self.
  • A variety of construction techniques that do not require prior artistic skills or knowledge.

This course does not require prior art skills. Students must have well disciplined study habits and the willingness to explore.

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