Pre-College Programs
Spending Money

Pre-College Programs: Spending Money

Information for Accepted Students

Most Pre-College courses require the purchase of textbooks and/or coursepacks (collections of readings compiled by instructors for their particular course). Costs can vary widely, depending on the length and subject area of the course, and can range anywhere from $35 to over $200. A list of required readings is typically posted online in the late spring, and are available for purchase in the Brown Bookstore.

How much additional money to bring depends in part on how long a student will be staying at Brown and on normal spending habits, but more importantly on the learning community we seek to foster here. Our students come from all over the world and from home and community situations that reflect the wide range of socio-economic and cultural diversity that characterizes our world. As a place dedicated above all to student learning and development and that supports and encourages diversity in all forms for the common good, students do not need a significant amount of spending money to have a rewarding and transformative experience at Brown. Program activities are free and we encourage students to engage in activities that are no-cost or low-cost so that the community of learners we seek to build can be an inclusive one and remain focused on learning. When considering how much spending money to provide your student for their stay at Brown, consider these community-building goals along with their more practical, daily needs.

Students who wish to use washers, dryers, and campus printers and copiers will need to purchase Bear Bucks Guest Cards – cash cards used in these campus machines. Cards may be purchased from any of the several ValuePort III machines located across campus. As unused funds are not refundable, students are advised to add money in small increments. NOTE: Please DO NOT add funds or Bear Bucks to your student ID

Automatic teller machines are conveniently located on campus. Traveler's checks can be easily cashed at local banks with the presentation of appropriate identification.