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Leadership Development for High School Students

The Brown Leadership Challenge

Understand Social Challenges

Students develop knowledge and understanding of complex issues through interactive learning opportunities such as case studies, discussions, group projects, field trips, simulations, and debates. Student learning is stimulated by creative curricula, engaging faculty, and peers from around the world. Last year, we had students from 28 different countries and from around the U.S. Engagement with diverse perspectives is key to nuanced understanding of global problems and complex ideas.

Join an Engaged Learning Community

Students are housed in the same residence hall and have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with one another both within and outside of the classroom. Additionally, undergraduate Leadership Fellows serve as both Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the classroom and Resident Advisors (RAs) in the Residence Hall providing students with consistent and caring guidance throughout the program.

Develop Leadership Skills

Students will learn and apply the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in academic and co-curricular settings. Through engaging workshops, reflection activities, and an outdoor Challenge Course, students develop and practice leadership skills, such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

Create an Action Plan and Take Your Learning Home

What happens after you leave Brown? How will you respond to the needs of your neighbors, your community, and the world?

Understanding complex problems is a lifelong pursuit that requires ongoing intellectual engagement and reflection. Our aim is to empower and motivate students to continue to educate themselves and others when they return to their home communities. We believe that the development of socially responsible leadership comes through thoughtful practice and engagement. We hope students will continue to ask:
What skills and knowledge do I need to contribute to positive change?
How can I identify and utilize available resources to make this happen?

All of us share a civic responsibility to both understand complex social issues and apply what we know in service to others. During your course, instructors and peers help you define a pressing issue that you are passionate about; you'll then develop an Action Plan for understanding and addressing the issue. We work with you to set realistic goals, identify mentors, and anticipate challenges. Through the experience of developing and pursuing the Action Plan, you will have the opportunity to cultivate the skills, behaviors, and knowledge of socially responsible leadership. Leadership Institute alumni return to their communities as part of a network of socially responsible leaders.

We encourage you to consider topics of interest before you arrive on campus, but you aren't expected to do any work on this prior to your arrival. Your instructors will help you design a plan that fits your interests and skills.

Below are examples of Leadership Institute Student Action Plans:

School-Based Projects

Community-Based Projects

National or International

Review our Action Plan library which contains examples of the work our students have done in the past.

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