Pre-College Programs

Storytelling in the Digital Age Online Course (CEEL0964)

In 2008, Nicholas Carr asked everyone on the internet, “Is Google making us stupid?” The answer seems to be both yes and no...

This course will give you an opportunity to both understand and participate in new forms of storytelling that are emerging in our digital media world. We will re-learn the art of creative self-expression in ways that both respect tried-and-true dimensions of narratology, and respond to our new, fast-paced ways of interacting with content online. We will learn from and dissect the films, stories, and interactive sites created by today’s leading digital media producers, and we will put these lessons to use as you create engaging, self-expressive narratives of your own. Learn craft, process, and how to use digital media to tell the stories that matter most to you.

This is an online pre-college course at Brown University. Click here for course information.