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For students completing grades 9-12 by June 2017

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Summer 2017 Online Courses are now full and the application is closed.

Pre-College Online Courses

Brown’s pre-college online courses are rigorous, active learning experiences designed and led by Brown’s innovative, dedicated instructors. Explore challenging subjects through coursework designed to inspire curiosity and discovery, engage in intellectual discussion, and connect with students from around the world – enthusiastic, creative, accomplished students like you.

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Topics include health sciences, engineering, creative expression, leadership, and more.

3 ways to channel your inner doctor this summer at Brown

Balance learning and life with a flexible weekly schedule

Brown’s online courses are asynchronous, which means you are not required to log in at a set time of day but can access your coursework anytime, and from anywhere. The first week of your online course serves as the course orientation, during which you will get to know Canvas (Brown's learning management system), review course expectations and strategies for your success, learn about your instructor, and help us to learn a bit about you. These activities should take you just a few hours to complete. The following week you will begin working with your instructor and classmates on the course itself, and in the following weeks you will be expected to log in daily to participate in discussions and keep up with course assignments. Courses are designed so that students committing about 10 hours per week are able to complete the course.

Challenge yourself and grow through meaningful, personalized feedback

Throughout your course, you will interact with your instructor and your student colleagues. Your instructor will evaluate your assignments, respond to your discussion posts, and invite you to connect one-on-one to provide support and advance your learning. At the end of your course (if 3 weeks or longer), you will receive a written evaluation from your instructor summarizing your performance in the course. If your instructor determines that you have successfully met all course requirements, you also will receive a Certificate of Completion. Pre-college online courses are not for college credit.

“This is the highest quality online class I have taken. It requires students to learn actively and reach out for online resources, which is very different from a face-to-face class that is more of a passive learning experience.”

“What I liked best was working with other students around my age from many different parts of the world and seeing what interests them and how they chose to approach the project.”
- Brown Pre-College Online students

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