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Brown University Pre-College Programs

Explore the Academic Possibilities this Spring and Summer

Experience college, prepare for academic success, and make new friends from around the world in Brown Pre-College Programs. Throughout the summer Brown offers multiple sessions 1-7 weeks in length, and more than 300 courses to choose from – on campus, online, and abroad.

What to Study?

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Summer Opportunities


Summer@Brown courses are carefully chosen to represent a wide range of Brown University’s open liberal arts curriculum – a core principle of a Brown education. Students live and learn on Brown’s magnificent Ivy League campus and choose from nearly 200 non-credit courses. In class, attention is shifted away from grades and credits so students can fully immerse themselves in subjects they love, and discover the satisfying challenge of college-level academics. Outside of class, students participate in a full program of events and activities, and experience the independence of college life with fellow students and new friends from around the world.

Pre-Baccalaureate College Credit Courses

Brown University's Undergraduate Summer Session is open to qualified rising and graduated high school seniors. Study side-by-side with Brown undergraduates and earn college credit in these seven-week courses drawn from across the Brown curriculum.

Online Courses

Brown's online courses are a great way for motivated and enthusiastic high school students to experience Ivy League academics, explore challenging subjects, and engage with other students from around the world. Courses are rigorous, active learning experiences designed and led by innovative, dedicated Brown instructors. Subjects include Medicine, Neuroscience, Anatomy, DNA Science, Writing, Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Leadership.

Global Programs | Location-Based Courses

Brown Pre-College Global Programs offer rigorous academic programs and a cultural immersion experience designed to prepare students for the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century. High school students can choose to study this summer with Brown in:

Atlanta, Georgia: Disease Control: Biotechnology versus Microbes

NEW for Summer 2018: Costa Rica: Tropical Ecology, Rain Cloud Forest, Ecosystems

Rome, Italy: An Immersion in Roman Life and Culture

Segovia, Spain: Global Business, Language and Culture

Brown Leadership Institute

This unique program combines the development of socially responsible leadership with focused study on academic topics such as health, global development, social entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, and environmental justice. Students integrate their learning through course work, workshops on leadership styles, public speaking, active listening, and the development of an Action Plan project related to their school or home community.

Brown Environmental Leadership Lab (BELL)

BELL students live and learn on location, and address the challenges of global and local environmental issues in a hands-on learning environment. Field research, discussions, site visits, and debates are a few of the ways students learn together and develop socially responsible leadership skills they can apply to create change in their home communities.

Summer 2018

BELL: Alaska - Cultural Preservation, Economic Growth, and Environmental Choices

BELL: Rhode Island - Environmental Science and Social Action for High School Students

Intensive English Program (IEP)

English Language and Academics for University-Bound Students.

This acclaimed summer program for high-achieving students offers immersive English language study for non-native speakers, along with courses that explore American and global culture, history, economics, and the arts. Small class sizes, events, and workshops maximize student participation and student-instructor interaction.

STEM II for Rising 9th & 10th Grade Students

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) | Define. Investigate. Excel.

The STEM II program is for students who are entering, or have completed, 9th grade.  STEM II includes a range of two-week courses that students can choose, covering a wide breadth of the STEM subjects. Each course consists of rigorous academic content, laboratory or field exercises, and a specifically designed “project” that enhances the academic learning and extend the students’ knowledge. In addition, students participate in carefully selected STEM activities, inspiring research talks, and co-curricular exercises. Students spend two full weeks exploring the foundations of one STEM discipline while also participating in programs that promote social and academic growth and support students as they prepare for success in their lives and future careers.

STEM I for Middle School Students - SPARK

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) | Explore. Discover. Achieve.

The STEM I - SPARK program consists of a range of courses that students can choose (either one two-week course or two one-week courses), carefully selected STEM activities, inspiring research talks, as well as thought-provoking community building and exercises. Students will study the foundations of one or two STEM disciplines while also having the opportunity to participate in programs that promote social and academic growth and support adolescents as they develop into responsible, globally aware citizens. The SPARK experience is fun, engaging, and truly rewarding.

Berklee-Brown Creative Entrepreneurship Summer Program

An integrated cross-institutional two-week program of study for high school students that provides rigorous academic and creative opportunities to learn how to be an innovative entrepreneur.

Summer Sports Camps

Brown University offers summer sports camps for young athletes. We are committed to providing an exceptional camp experience for campers of all ages and skill levels. Camps are led by Brown's varsity coaches, their staff and current Brown athletes.

Brown Summer High School

Brown Summer High School is Summertime Academic Enrichment for Providence-Area High School Students. Presented by the Brown Education Department.

Spring Opportunities

Spring 2018 Programs will not be offered.

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