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March 1, 2017

3 ways to channel your inner doctor this summer at Brown

While Brown’s Pre-College Programs offer the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects - from art to archaeology, economics to philosophy - medicine, and disease in particular, are areas that many students are consistently interested in learning more about. If you’re one of those students, here are three different ways to explore diseases and the medicine behind them this summer at Brown.

Brown University Alpert Medical School Lecture

1.) On Campus

Summer@Brown offers dozens of non-credit courses in biology and chemistry, with many focused specifically on issues related to the study of disease. Courses like the three-week long “Bacteriology: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly,” which examines illnesses caused by bacteria, and the two-week “Responding to Urgent Global Public Health Crisis: The Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV/AIDS” hone in on that particular subject. Others, like the two-week courses “Drug Discovery: Treating Human Disease Through Medicine,” and “The Great Diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Infections,” offer a broader overview of the way different sectors of medicine approach disease. Several courses also give students access to Brown’s biology labs and where students engage in laboratory work. And there are otehrs that look at health and disease from both a global perspective and a more focused social and economic one. View the full list of courses covering medicine and disease »

Brown University Laboratory Research Course

2.) Online

Brown’s Pre-College Online Courses place several medical-related opportunities literally at your fingertips, making it an ideal option if you can’t make it to campus but still want to experience the close community of learners that Brown’s online courses also provide. Choices include the perpetually popular “So You Want to be a Doctor?” which gives students a taste of medical school and practice in a variety of specialities, and “Body at Work: Anatomy, Physiology and Disease,” as well as courses on biomedical engineering and neuroscience.

Body at Work Pre-College Online Course at Brown University

3.) On Location

Among Brown’s Location-Based Programs, you have the option of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia, for “Disease Control: Biotechnology versus Microbes,” where you’ll spend part of the week-long session at the federally funded U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While there, you’ll learn about and conduct disease research in labs at Agnes Scott College before visiting the CDC to engage with experts on how information about epidemics is communicated globally. You’ll not only learn about the biology of disease, but also gain an understanding of how epidemics can affect society on a global scale, and hear from the CDC’s world-renowned experts on how they are working to combat those diseases. Interested students must apply by April 7 for this program »

Brown University Program in Atlanta at the CDC

Disease and medicine are just two of many topics you can dive deeper into this summer through Brown’s Pre-College Programs. For more information on all there is to choose from, visit »