Pre-College Programs

July 12, 2017

Explore college and career at Summer@Brown

The Overlook Lounge (Room 121) at the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center

The Overlook Lounge (Room 121) at the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center

If you’re attending Summer@Brown, you’ve probably given your plans for college - and maybe even career - at least a little bit of thought.

Whether you already have your dream college all picked out or are just starting to narrow down a list of schools, it’s likely you have a lot of questions about the application process, college life and career planning.

That’s where Summer@Brown can help. Throughout the summer there are workshops taking place across campus that can help answer some of your college and career questions.

Guidebook, a free app for Summer@Brown students that is also available online in a web browser, includes the complete list of college and career workshops - including times, dates and locations - happening around campus this summer.

To jumpstart your workshop search, here’s a rundown of the three series offered this summer.

“College Admissions” Series

If you’re curious about the college admissions process, these are the workshops for you. This series breaks down the different school types: big or small, public or private, and the difference between research, liberal arts, religiously affiliated, and comprehensive institutions. In addition, there are workshops on preparing for the SAT and ACT and even writing a college essay that will stick out to admissions representatives.

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“College Success” and “Grow Program” Series

Applying to college is only half the challenge. Once you arrive on campus, it’s a whole new world to navigate, complete with more advanced coursework, and campus and social life. The College Success and Grow Program workshop series both offer tons of resources for adjusting to college life, in the classroom and beyond. On the academic side, workshops will help you narrow down your learning style and brush up on your exam- and note-taking skills, choose the right study abroad or internship program, and others address useful life skills, like how to better manage your time and money and take care of yourself while living on campus.

“Path to Careers” Series

This series is an exciting way to learn about a variety of career options from those currently in the field. Workshops bring together Brown faculty, graduate students, post-docs and undergraduates to sit on panels and talk about the various paths they've taken or paths they are on to careers in a variety of areas. This year’s panels focus on careers in the social sciences, STEM, business and economics, and humanities. Through the speakers’ first-hand accounts, you’ll learn about new career options or broaden your knowledge of paths that you’ve always had an interest in.

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