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Summer Fencing Camp Session 2 at Brown University

Athletic Camps on the Brown Bears Campus

This camp is not scheduled to run this summer.

The Seventeenth Annual Summer Fencing Camp at Brown University is a program focused on fencers at all levels in Foil, Epee and Saber from beginners to intermediates and competitors. Every camper must choose a weapon for the week. Those campers that attend both weeks may elect to alternate weapons on a weekly basis.

This camp program is designed to gradually increase in intensity throughout the daily activities. The activities are tailored to assess the individual camper's ability to process the information, improve on previously acquired techniques and establish new ones. Progress is made according to the individual's day to day results. Each of the three daily sessions provides campers with lessons in fencing theory, tactical/technical drills, group lessons, competitions and team events. The practice sessions are conducted with electronic scoring equipment. Between the daily sessions, activities such as soccer, basketball, swimming and running are also planned. Also planned is movie night one night each week.

Regular admissions tours may be available through the Brown University Admissions Office. If a camper is interested, please contact the Brown University Admissions Office for questions. Campers are only allowed to take regular admissions tours during camp training or free time hours and on the camper's own accord.

Residential accommodation is provided at Brown University dormitories. The fee includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served at Brown's dining hall.

Weekend Stay
A residential option for campers enrolled in both Session 1 and Session 2, including meals and a weekend excursion. (location to be determined).
Please register for the weekend stay when registering for Camp 1

Required Fencing Equipment
Electric Sabre mask or Foil and Epee mask, plastron (underarm protector), jacket, knickers, fencing shoes, and/or tennis shoes, socks, tee shirts, glove, body cords, electric Foils, Epee, Sabre and Sabre or Foil Lames.

(Rental equipment is available for campers that do not have their own equipment)

Brown University Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants that meet the listed age requirements for each camp.