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Sports Camps Principles, Codes and Policies

Brown University Sports Camps bring together campers from the United States and other countries who share an interest in seeking athletic enrichment and growth, and provides an environment that supports the pursuit of these goals.

To ensure that campers have successful, fulfilling, and engaging experiences, campers and parents/guardians are expected to read and abide by the codes and policies below. Campers enrolled in the University’s Sports Camps must be capable of accepting, and are expected to take, responsibility for their behavior. The Sports Camps are committed to maintaining standards that are conducive to the pursuit of athletic excellence.

Camp coaches and staff, residential life and other staff are charged with implementing Sports Camp codes and policies, and supporting campers’ success.

Camper Challenge/Concern Who to Contact
Social/Emotional Social/Emotional Resident Advisor, Resident Director, Sport Camp Assistants
Athletic Coaching Staff
Balancing Social/Emotional and Academic Life Resident Advisor, Resident Director, Sport Camp Assistants
Other questions / 401-863-5988

*Campers receive information at check-in with contact information they can use for assistance 24 hours/day.


We, as members of the Brown University community – faculty, students, and staff – are dedicated to supporting and maintaining a scholarly community in which all share together in the common enterprise of learning. As a central aim, Brown University promotes intellectual inquiry through vigorous discourse, both oral and written. The fundamental principles that must necessarily undergird this aim include:

In becoming a part of Brown University, we accept the rights and responsibilities of membership in the University’s academic and social community, and assume the responsibility to uphold the University’s principles.


The rights and responsibilities that accompany academic freedom are at the heart of the intellectual purposes of the University. Our conduct as community members should protect and promote the University’s pursuit of its academic mission. We are all, therefore, expected to conduct ourselves with integrity in our learning, teaching and research, and in the ways in which we support those endeavors.


In order to ensure that the University can dedicate itself fully to its academic and educational vision, it is expected that an individual’s personal integrity will be reflected not only in honest and responsible actions but also in a willingness to offer direction to others whose actions may be harmful to themselves or the community. The University expects that members of the Brown community will be truthful and forthright. The University expects that community members will not engage in behavior that endangers their own sustained effectiveness or that has serious ramifications for their own safety, welfare, academic well-being or professional obligations, or for that of others.


We strive for a sense of community in which the individual growth of all members is advanced through the cultivation of mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding. Brown University values and encourages individuality while also affirming the community dimensions of academic life. A socially responsible community provides a structure within which individual freedoms may flourish without threatening the privileges or freedoms of other individuals or groups.

The University is committed to honest, open, and equitable engagement with racial, religious, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, and other differences. The University seeks to promote an environment that in its diversity is integral to the academic, educational, and community purposes of the institution.


All community members must respect the general resources and physical property of the University. Such resources are assets in which community members have a vested interest, as these resources specifically support the institutional mission.


To uphold the Principles of the University Community, members of Brown University are expected to:

Failure to abide by this code, policies available on the Sports Camp website, and applicable University policies, may result in disciplinary action, which could include but is not limited to: a warning, consultation with parent/guardian, or in cases of serious or repeated incidences, dismissal from the program. Should a participant be dismissed from the program for any reason, tuition, fees, room and board charges, and any other program-related expenses will not be refunded. In addition, course credit and financial obligations arising from dismissal from the program, including travel costs will be the responsibility of the camper and parent/guardian.

If campers or parents/guardians have questions about the Code of Conduct, they should contact the Sports Camp Office as soon as possible, ideally prior to beginning a camp.