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Campus Safety and Security

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Personal & Community Safety

Brown University Summer Sports Camps

The safety of our campers is of paramount importance. Brown Department of Public Safety personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to residence halls is restricted to residents, and authorized members of the University community. All residence hall entrances are locked 24 hours a day and can only be accessed with an authorized ID card. 

Safety Precautions

Each residential camper is issued a wallet-sized laminated card with emergency phone numbers. Residence halls are equipped with smoke alarms, pull stations and fire extinguishers.

Brown’s campus is part of what is known as "College Hill" in the city of Providence and, as such, is open to the public. Sports Campers are frequently cautioned to walk in groups and always let someone know where they are going.

There are 140 emergency phones, also known as "blue light phones", on buildings or in green areas on campus and 58 in elevators. All residence halls and classroom buildings have a blue-light phone at each entrance. Campers can call anywhere on campus, or be connected to the Department of Public Safety for assistance or emergencies.

Campers must check-in with their Residential Advisor by 10:00pm every night. Campers must remain on their floor unit until 6:00am. Adhering to the curfew policy is the camper’s responsibility. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from the program.  In the event that a camper is absent from the residence hall or floor as prescribed, the camper’s parents/guardian, then the Department of Public Safety will be informed. Repeated and/or serious violations of the curfew could result in dismissal from the program. Adhering to the curfew policy is the camper’s responsibility. While residential staff will take reasonable measures to ensure that campers adhere to the curfew, once a camper has been verified as being within the residence halls at the designated time, it cannot be guaranteed that the camper will not subsequently choose to leave the residence hall area.

Brown University Department of Public Safety

Personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Department of Public Safety (DPS) Officers routinely patrol the campus and surrounding Providence neighborhoods in cars, bikes, and foot patrols. DPS officers are trained at the Municipal Police Academy and are empowered by the State of Rhode Island to enforce state statutes. Security officers are trained by the department and, along with the campus police officers, are authorized by the university to enforce university rules and regulations. Both police and security officers patrol the campus 24-hours a day to deter crime, develop community relationships and respond to calls for service and assistance. The department also provides the community with the resources and education necessary to take responsibility for making informed choices about their personal safety.

The phone number for DPS is 863-3322 and TDD number is 863-1740. It is open and staffed by Communication Control Officers 24 hours a day. Communication control officers are responsible for answering all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, and dispatching officers to the appropriate locations for response.

The Department of Public Safety also offers Rave Guardian service offering a public safety cell phone speed-dial option to campers, students, faculty and staff at Brown.

Fire Safety

Fire safety regulations must be followed. When a fire alarm sounds, you must evacuate the building immediately. Tampering with fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and alarm boxes, is a violation of law and carries a fine of up to $1,000. Complete fire safety regulations are posted in the residence halls and are reviewed thoroughly at orientation.

More information is available at the Environmental Health and Safety website.

Emergency Action Plan

In the event of an emergency situation, the University has an Emergency Action Plan to promote the safety of Brown campers, students, faculty, staff and guests. The plan outlines procedures for building evacuation, shelter in place and emergency communication. More information about the Emergency Action Plan is available at the Environmental Health and Safety website.

Lost & Found

The lost and found location on campus during the summer session is the Department of Public Safety (401-863-1663). Items of value left behind in residence halls such as jewelry, money, and laptop computers will be turned in to the Office of Residential Life – Summer Programs (401-863-6868).