Pre-College Programs

STEM II for Rising 9th & 10th Grade Students

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) II | Define. Investigate. Excel.

Program Dates

Two-Week Session
June 26 – July 7, 2017


For students completing grades 8-9 by June 2017, with a minimum age of 13 and a maximum age of 15 by the start of the program.

Fees: $4,196

We're no longer accepting applications for STEM II as we have reached program capacity. If you have questions or would like to speak with a Program Advisor regarding course selection, please call 401-863-7900.

STEM II is a residential program for curious and talented students who seek to:

This program includes a range of two-week courses that students can choose, covering a wide breadth of the STEM subjects. Each course consists of rigorous academic content, laboratory or field exercises, and a specifically designed “project” that enhances the academic learning and extend the students’ knowledge. In addition, students participate in carefully selected STEM activities, inspiring research talks, and co-curricular exercises. Students spend two full weeks exploring the foundations of one STEM discipline, while also having the opportunity to participate in programs that promote social and academic growth and support students as they prepare for success in their lives and future careers.

The STEM II Student Experience

The STEM II program is designed to strengthen students’ innate curiosity and passion for content in the STEM subjects, further prepare them for success in high school and college, and introduce them to potential career paths. Students are immersed in a discipline of their choice and have the opportunity to both “observe” and “apply” new knowledge in a manner that promotes effective problem solving. STEM II participants will meet with current graduate students and through an introduction to graduate-level research, will learn what it means to excel in these dynamic fields and begin to explore possible academic and career paths. The comprehensive STEM II curriculum, including a rigorous academic project, prepares the students by building skills essential for success: time management, personal maturity, independence, and academic integrity.  

The STEM II experience is enriched further through collegiality and collaboration where students from diverse backgrounds work together in teams. Students learn from each other, are inspired by each other, and form lasting friendships. It is through an investment in, and understanding of, others that we will succeed. The program and courses seek to empower the students to be assets to their homes, communities, and indeed the world. 

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