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TheatreBridge: How to Apply

2015 Program Dates:

Six-Week Session    
June 21 - August 1, 2015        


For students completing 10th-11th grade by June 2015

Fees: $7,996

We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2015.

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TheatreBridge requires that students have an open and generous creative spirit while maintaining a full commitment of purpose.

The TheatreBridge admission process is designed to build a distinct theatre company of students who, regardless of previous experience, are highly motivated to explore their creative potential together. Admission is highly selective and the number of students we can enroll in each program is limited. Thus students are encouraged to submit strong applications early.
Applications will be accepted beginning in December 2014 and will be reviewed until the program is full. Students will generally be notified of the outcome of their application within two to three weeks of receipt of a complete application. 

The TheatreBridge program is open to rising High School Juniors and Seniors. 

Though we welcome student-actors whose primary experience and interest may be in musical theatre, TheatreBridge uses exclusively non-musical material to explore and expand acting skills.

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Apply to TheatreBridge

A complete TheatreBridge application consists of the following items:

Applications will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee until all items have been received.

  1. A completed Application Form
  2.  An essay (Submitted as part of your online application), in which you tell us why you wish to enroll in TheatreBridge; what preparation you have for study in this area; what you hope to gain from participating in this program; and any further information you want to convey to us.
  3. A non-refundable application fee (payable securely online)
    Before 3/1/2015: $50
    3/1/2015 to 4/30/2015: $75
    5/1/2015 and after: $100
    Applicants within the U.S. may elect to pay their application fee by mail. Make check or money order payable to Brown University with student's name on the notation line. International applicants may pay by wire transfer or check - contact for payment instructions.
  4. A Recommendation (from someone who can speak to your theatre background). Please enter this individual's email address in the space provided for an educational reference in the online application, and we will email them with a request for a recommendation.
  5. An official school transcript Transcripts do not need to be official but do need to include a signature or stamp from your school in order to be considered authentic. Applicants should request an official transcript containing their current grades/marks, as well as all grades since 9th grade including Fall 2014. Please ensure an explanation of the scoring system is included in English (for example, 6 = excellent or A = excellent). PLEASE NOTE: if your current year grades are not reflected in your transcript, please also send us a copy of your report card for the most current grades.  Transcripts may be uploaded directly within using the Upload Documents tab. Transcripts may also be faxed to our office at 401-863-3916 or emailed as an attachment to
  6. A Video Interview

The Video Interview for TheatreBridge Applicants

The video interview is your opportunity to give our faculty a sense of what you're all about as a person, so relax and be yourself as you respond on camera to all three of the following questions:
1. How did you get started in theatre?

2. How will you make use of your theatre training in the future?

3. Please share with us something about your passions and enthusiasms in areas that are NOT connected in any way to theatre or any branch of the arts.

Your recording should be only a few minutes in length. A simple head-and-shoulders shot that allows you to talk directly into the camera should be sufficient. No student will be accepted without a video interview. Video clips from productions may not be substituted.

How to submit your Video Interview

Preferred Method – Online
You may upload your video clip to your personal web site, or to a video hosting web site such as Once you’ve uploaded your video, submit the URL (web address) via email to, with the subject: "TheatreBridge Video Interview: Your Name". Remember: the privacy of your video posting is up to you – you do not need to publish this file publicly, but you must submit a valid web address where the review committee can access your interview.

Alternate Method – DVD Sent by Mail
Although we prefer online submissions, we will accept DVD versions of your Video Interview. Please submit two (2) copies of your DVD-R disk (i.e. two identical disks) to the address below. Your DVD must be readable on a Macintosh computer or on a standard American DVD player. It is imperative that you submit two copies of this audition. We also request that you clearly print your name on the DVD surface with a permanent marker. Please be certain to record in DVD-R format.

Mail your DVD to:
Brown University
TheatreBridge - Pre-College Programs
200 Dyer, Street Box T
Providence, RI 02912
FAX: 401.863.3916


Due Dates
All program balances are due by Thursday, May 28th.  Students who register after the initial payment deadline must pay their full balance upon registration. Students will be billed monthly until the balance is paid.  Students are not permitted to carry a balance while attending the program.