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February 13, 2017TechRepublic

Deborah Hurley on the rise of the “accidental” cybersecurity professional

“With an extreme shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals, it's becoming increasingly common for people—especially women—to enter the field from other careers, including IT, law, compliance, and government. These employees form a group of "accidental" cyber professionals who are filling the need for cyber.”

Following up on a phenomenon that we call the accidental cybersecurity professional, TechRepublic Reporter Alison DeNisco delves into the growing army of professionals that are moving into cybersecurity to take advantage of a high growth sector hungry for experts from a broad array of disciplines.

In this article, DeNisco interviews Deborah Hurley, EMCS faculty member, and other women who come from non-technical fields but jumped on opportunities and grew their careers to become leading cybersecurity experts. According to Hurley, "Whatever a person's talent, with people, administration, management, education, or technology, there is almost certainly an aspect of cybersecurity for which their skills and experience are needed.”

Hurley continues, "There are tons of opportunities in cyber and many doors of entry," Hurley said. "Whatever doorway you come through, you will be working with colleagues from many disciplines, and becoming more expert."

Whether accidental or intentional, EMCS offers the growing workforce of cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to sharpen and round out their cybersecurity and executive skills to lead this industry and halt this growing global crisis.

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