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December 22, 2016Brown University

Brown Executive Master Programs - 2016 in the News

At Brown University, we make the audacious claim to redefine business management education in our suite of executive master programs in Healthcare Leadership, Cybersecurity, Science and Technology, and the jointly run IE Brown Executive MBA.

Our alumni and students received international and national recognition for their industry breakthroughs in top tier media outlets such as Wired Magazine, primetime NBC and ABC nightly news TV programs, and on NPR talk shows, as well as a broad array of leading industry publications. They’ve won prestigious awards from institutes and organizations, including the National Center for Healthcare Leadership, Harvard’s Health Acceleration Challenge, the Internationalist, and the National Research Corporation.

Alumni and students also generously shared their stories about their Brown Executive Master experience and how it broadened their expertise across multiple disciplines and gave them the tools to integrate these perspectives to generate innovative, forward-looking solutions. They explained how they developed key leadership competencies - improved communication skills and a sense of their own leadership style - to enhance their impact in rapidly changing business environments. We encourage you to peruse our Executive Master news pages to discover these stories, such as:

The Business Power of Liberal Arts, Ivon Rodriguez 2016
If You Don’t Make a Difference, Who Will? Vasily Mozgovoi 2016
The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership Development, Brian Norris 2016
21st Century Banking - Not Your Father’s Cadillac, Francesco Vercesi 2012
Turning the Business School Case Study on its Head, Lenny Kessler-Vaschetti 2015
The Triple Play: Three Brown Educational Experiences Transform an Alum into a HealthCare Business Leader, David DeSimone 2015

In addition to our alumni and students, our faculty and advisory committee members provided thought leadership on the many critical societal issues we faced this year including, Apple vs FBI - the story that broke open issues of privacy and encryption, the future of Obamacare, the economic rise and possible effects of Global Trumpism, and the need for greater diversity in corporate leadership. They leverage this expertise in their classes to prepare students to navigate the complexities of leadership in today’s digital, fast-paced and global economies. Once again, our news pages are filled with faculty stories that capture the dynamic conversations that define our program, such as:


Professor Barbara Tannenbaum on the Communication Edge
The Brown Executive Master Difference, Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi
Training Business Leaders for a Post-Paris Climate Era, Professor Lenore Manderson


Professor Joachim Krueger on Manufacturing Happiness
5 Minutes to Midnight: Averting Cyberwar, Professor Deborah Hurley
Beyond Bitcoin: the Blockchain Revolution, Professor Roberto Tamassia

Thank you again to our amazing community. We look forward to driving breakthrough ideas into the business world in 2017 and moving us all closer to our goals for our careers and a better world.