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Executive Master in Cybersecurity

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The need for smart, strategic cybersecurity leaders has never been more obvious. But until now, no degree program has explored the question of what true cybersecurity leadership means. The Brown University Executive Master in Cybersecurity does exactly that—bringing thought leaders from around the world together on-line and on campus to create a new generation of security executives.

With a focus on both policy and technology, our ambitious curriculum empowers working professionals to lead on all manner of critical security decisions. Our international faculty, which include experts from government, academia and industry, guide the class through a host of complex issues, not just as they apply in the United States, but all around the world.

The end result is a cohort of senior management-level graduates who are able to consolidate volumes of chaotic and conflicting information into a coherent, visionary security strategy. Because in today’s world of shifting social, legal and technological landscapes, an informed strategy truly is the best security.

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