Undergraduate Programs

Doctors and Patients- Clinical Communication in Medicine

Course Code: PHP 1010 CRN: 60033

Communication is central to medical practice and interpersonal relationships between patients and physicians can be powerful curative agents. This course reviews theory and research on physician-patient communication. In addition to lectures, readings, and discussions, students will have opportunities to observe physicians in clinical settings. Appropriate for students interested in communication sciences, health psychology, health education, pre-med and other clinical training, and medical anthropology. Enrollment limited to 20. NOTE: Most classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Remaining class time will be fulfilled through shadowing placements scheduled when students and doctors are available. Contact instructor for class meeting schedule.

Course not open to Pre-Baccalaureate Students

When: 7 weeks. June 26, 2017 - August 11, 2017
M, W, F 4:00-6:40P

C. Dubé