Visiting Student Program


Fall 2018 Semester begins September 5, 2018.

Spring 2019 Semester begins January 23, 2019.

Applications for the Spring 2019 semester will be accepted starting December 1, 2018.


Fall 2018 / Spring 2019

Application Fee: $75

Tuition per course: $6,790

Audit Fee: $1,000


Email or call 401-863-7900
(M-F, 8am-5pm EST).

How to Apply »

The Visiting Student Program at the School of Professional Studies supports students who wish to pursue part-time undergraduate-level academic work outside of a university degree program.

Visiting Students may apply to take up to two courses at Brown. Please refer to the Brown University Academic Calendar for official term dates.

Please note that enrollment as a Visiting Student is approved on a semester-by-semester basis and does not imply admission to candidacy for a degree.


There are several types of Visiting Students coordinated through the School of Professional Studies.

Note for International Students: Nonimmigrant students are required to possess a visa for study at Brown. Please contact our office at for further details.

Which Courses May I Take?

View the Brown University Course Catalog for a full listing of courses for current terms, including meeting dates and times, prerequisites, and current enrollment.  A listing of summer courses is also available on the Summer Session website.

Credit and Audit Options

In the fall and spring semesters, Visiting Students may elect either to receive academic credit or to audit a course.  In Summer Session, courses are available on a credit basis only.

Taking a Course for Credit

Visiting Students must meet all the course requirements specified by the course instructor.

Auditing a Course

Additional Academic & Financial Information

How to Apply

1. Review the guidelines on this page.

2. Select Your Course

3. Assemble required application materials

Prepare the following materials for submission via the online application form, as indicated in step 4, below. If you have taken a course at Brown as a Visiting Student within the previous two semesters and wish to resume study as a Visiting Student, you may skip to step 4 without submitting any additional materials.

Required Materials:

A. Transcripts: Official transcript(s) from the high school or college/university at which you are currently or were most recently enrolled.

B. Personal Statement: Please describe your interest in taking coursework at Brown University. Please identify the specific course(s) you wish to take, and be sure to state how your experience meets any listed prerequisites, if any, of the course(s).

C. Letter of support:

AICU students: Letter of good standing from your Dean on your university’s letterhead indicating that the course you are requesting is not available at your home institution and that you are approved to enroll in this course and to transfer the credit.

Post-Doctoral Fellows: Letter from your department stating that you are a postdoctoral fellow and that all the fees associated with taking a course—application fee and course fee—will be covered by your department, program, or grant.

All others: Letter from an individual who can testify to your academic interests, your level of commitment to those interests, and your capacity to be successful in the course you wish to take. (You may scan your recommendation letter and upload it in your application, or ask your recommender to email us directly at

4. Complete the Visiting Student Application »

Click the “Visiting Student Application” link above to begin. Please also note that a $75 application fee will be assessed during this process (if you are an AICU Language Consortium student or a Postdoctoral Fellow, please contact us at for fee waiver instructions before beginning your application).

Once the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application, you will receive a decision by email.

If you are accepted as a Visiting Student, you will receive detailed instructions outlining the steps you must take to complete your course registration, including how to obtain your instructor's approval to take the course, deliver forms to the Registrar, and activate access to a course website, if needed.

Please note that Visiting Student enrollment is approved on a semester-by-semester basis. Enrollment does not imply admission to candidacy for a Brown University degree.