Post-election Community Support Resources

November 2, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

This is an exceptionally difficult time, with a bitterly contested election taking place in the midst of a nationwide public health crisis that, nine months in, only continues to grow. I want to acknowledge the profound mental health challenges our community will face over the coming week—and, quite possibly, weeks—and offer my thoughts and support.

Here is a brief video message reflecting on where we are as a nation and how we can work together to get through what’s ahead. And attached is a short list of resources, from Brown and elsewhere, to help support the wellbeing of our students, for whom this election has heralded unprecedented civic conflict and stress, particularly for those concerned with issues including the role of science, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration policy, and racial justice.

This is a time to remember and champion the values that bring us together as an academic community—science, mutual respect, and a vision of bringing health to the world’s people. As teachers and staff, we can help our students navigate the coming days and weeks thoughtfully and safely through our counsel and our example.

I encourage all of us to find ways to maintain a sense of purpose, to connect with friends, colleagues and loved ones in the coming days, and to cherish sources of fulfillment and joy as much as possible over the next few days.

Sending all of my best wishes,

Jha signature

Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH
Dean, School of Public Health