Bringing back opportunities to walk, talk, and explore Providence

February 16, 2021

Dear members of the SPH community,

Even though we’ve recently been hit with a few bouts of snow, I’m already looking forward to the warmer weather so that I can get back outside and continue to explore Providence while also getting to know more of you better.

I am excited to let you know that I am planning to restart my series of walks around the city on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 – 8:45 am. Beginning March 4, anyone who wants to chat with me can sign up and come along. We will meet in the lobby of 121 South Main Street and limit attendance to two people plus me per walk.

I do want to let you know one quick caveat for the Spring since my goal is to meet with as many different people as I can: we are going to initially limit sign-ups to those who haven’t yet been able to participate. My team and I will keep you updated if we are able to accommodate more people and walks in the future.

If you'd like to join me, please sign up for one of the two slots per day using this link.

For those of you who would like to connect but for whom the walks aren’t practical, I am very open to alternative ways of engaging.

Kind regards,

Jha signature
Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH
Dean, School of Public Health