Strategic Planning

Throughout the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters, School of Public Health community members contributed to the development of a new Strategic Plan by participating in over 50 in-depth conversations, attending Town Hall events, and providing critical feedback. Thanks to these efforts, a Strategic Plan has been drafted. The plan represents an ambitious, unified vision for impacting urgent health needs and improving health equity.

Our community has had a chance to read and provide comment on the plan. The finalized Plan will published online in June.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee extends its sincere thanks to the dozens of public health community members who have engaged with the Strategic Planning process. Your dedication to the School, its ideals, and its continuing excellence are embodied in this Strategic Plan, and are required for its future success.


Following the release of the School’s finalized Strategic Plan, a team of faculty, staff, and students will work to operationalize the Plan over the summer months, identifying defined initiatives and benchmarks. We look forward to the completion and release of the School’s Operational Plan in the fall of 2019. Our community members will be invited to comment on the Operational Plan following its release.