Advancing Well-Being for All: 2019-2024

Cover of Strategic PlanSchool of Public Health Strategic Plan

The Brown University School of Public Health’s strategic plan entitled, Advancing Well-Being for All: 2019-2024, reaffirms our mission to improve population health by advancing science and training tomorrow’s health leaders. The plan will also guide the School’s pursuit of new opportunities to innovate and transform public health education, research, and service.

Addressing Today’s Critical Health Challenges

The School’s new strategic plan presents a unified vision for making an impact on urgent health needs and improving health equity, while guiding us to new growth areas where we can establish leadership and excellence in research, education, and outreach programs. We will realize the plan’s vision with focused work across four broad and timely themes:

  • Mental Health, Resilience, and Mindfulness
  • Environmental Health and Climate Change
  • Vulnerable Life Stages: Children and Older Adults
  • Addiction

Strategic Framework

The strategic framework is the primary tool for articulating the plan and how it is grounded in the School’s mission, values, and existing expertise. The framework represented in the graphic comprises the core strategic themes indicating the content areas of particular focus in the plan; our specific scientific capabilities that crosscut all of the strategic themes; and our organizational capabilities, reflecting responsibilities we have within the School and with our community partners.

A Venn diagram of health themes and capabilities

While these themes do not represent the whole of our School’s work and expertise, they have been selected for their particular relevance to current and potentially future public health needs.

As with all effective strategic plans, this is a “living document,” and it will undergo regular review, discussion, and updating in order to meet the continually changing needs of the School of Public Health. We hope that you are energized by our vision for the future of the School of Public Health and inspired to participate in our efforts to transform lives by making communities healthier and more productive.