Nathaniel Fuchs



Undergraduate Institution: University of Vermont
Current Role: COVID Epidemiologist at Rhode Island Department of Health

Why did you choose the Brown University School of Public Health?
There were myriad reasons why I chose Brown. The most important to me were Brown’s connection to the community, the excellent quality of research, and its history. The location of the school also made sense to me: being close to my family and in Providence. I enjoy the balance of being close to home while furthering my goals of public health in the community. 

What makes Brown's program different from other programs you considered?
For as long as I’ve known about Brown, I’ve known about its considerable reputation for student-centered learning. This reputation transfers to the MPH program with its flexibility in course selection and concentrations. For me, this makes Brown stand out.

What do you enjoy most about your program?
I’m glad to say that my favorite aspects of my program are the daily interactions I have with other people: my professors, administrators, and peers. I also enjoy the rigorous academic culture that broadens my knowledge of public health and my connections to organizations within the community.  

What is your academic area of interest and why?
Following the Brown University tradition, I have academic interests that span multiple disciplines: I’m concentrating in epidemiology within my MPH, but I’m also interested in health services. I’m fortunate that my work at a health services non-profit consulting company (as a research assistant) allows me to explore my diverse interests in tandem with advancing my degree. 

What are your postgraduate goals/plans?
After I complete my MPH, I’ll be applying for PhD programs in health services and policy. I ultimately hope to work in a government or policy-oriented think tank or consulting company.

Why Providence?
To broaden the question, I would say that Rhode Island provides a great place to study public health. This state is a health innovator on a national scale and Providence is at the center of that microcosm. Here, everyone knows everyone and that has allowed a tightknit health-oriented community to thrive. 

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
I would advise prospective applicants to go out and connect with as many people as possible. Investigate opportunities before you join a graduate school community and talk with students in the program. This is especially true if you know you want to work with a specific professor or if you need a position to make a program more affordable. Best of luck and feel free to reach out, I’m always happy to answer questions. 

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