Anthony Surace

PhD in Behavioral & Social Health Sciences ’21


Undergraduate Institution: Hunter College
Graduate Institution: Hunter College, MA

Why did you choose the Brown University School of Public Health?
Brown is an institution that produces seminal research on important public health topics.

What makes Brown's program different from other programs you considered?
The School of Public Health is highly supportive of its students; no other institution fosters student growth to such a degree.

What do you enjoy most about your program?
There are a number of reasons I love the program. One of the most relevant for me is the breadth of opportunities offered to students. There are so many ways in which you can grow as a scholar here.

What is your academic area of interest and why?
I am interested in alcohol use among sexual minority populations. Research suggests that the etiology of and public health burden of substance use varies across populations. In order to effectively deal with such disparities, it is important to study these differences.

What are your postgraduate goals/plans?
As of now I am interested in pursuing a career in academia. Ideally I want to create impactful research that can be implemented by public health officials.

Why Providence?
Providence is a unique place; it's the capital of a state, but has a small town vibe. There are lots of artisanal shops and small businesses, and there is always something happening.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
Keep an open mind. It's important to be well-versed in your field of interest, but it is also crucial to be open to alternative areas of study. A broad perspective can help you as a student and a researcher.

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