Emmanuella Asiedu

Emmanuella Asiedu


Undergraduate Institution: Northern Kentucky University

Why did you choose the Brown University School of Public Health?
When I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to get a degree in Public Health, but my undergraduate institution didn’t offer it. So, my plan was always to pursue a master’s degree in public health upon finishing my undergrad. Whiles searching for grad school programs I came across Brown’s Public Health program which consisted of gaining knowledge both in the classroom and through hands-on experience, and this was exactly what I wanted. So, I made the decision to apply to Brown.

What makes Brown's program different from other programs you considered?
I came to Brown knowing I wanted to concentrate in epidemiology, but also didn’t want to miss the opportunity of experiencing other concentrations to broaden my knowledge as well as explore other areas in public health. Brown’s program gives that flexibility to explore other concentration and take classes in other areas you believe will benefit you.

What do you enjoy most about your program?
I really love the availability of the faculty and staff at the school of Public Health and their willingness to always assist with any issues or concerns you might have, whether it is with your classes, your thesis work, or your applied public health experience (APHE). One of the requirements to graduate from the program is to fulfill your APHE, and as an international student, I was scared It would be harder for me to find one, and I remember reaching out Joann Barao about it, and she telling me I didn’t have to worry about that because they would make sure I found an APHE. I was just soo relieved by those words. The Brown School of Public Health gives you the helping hand you need to ensure you succeed.

What is your academic area of interest and why?
My academic interests lie in public health policies and in infectious epidemiology. Being from West Africa, I got to witness and experience the panic and fear that the 2014 Ebola epidemic caused, and all the difficulties that went into bringing it under control, and this is something that has influenced where I am today in my academic career. Then, 5-6 years later having to live through the Covid-19 pandemic reminds me why I chose this path. During my time as an undergrad, and now, during my time at Brown I have had the opportunity of being exposed to toxicology and Environmental health, and this is another area that I am really interested in (looking at the association between exposure to environmental chemicals and human health & behavior).

What are your postgraduate goals/plans?
After I complete my MPH program, my plan is to apply to PhD programs in public health policy & management or epidemiology. But with whatever program I apply to/get into, the goal will be to preferably combine those two areas of public health.

Why Providence?
Providence is such a great location. You can always find something to do, whether you just want to take a walk or go to the beach. It is only 55 mins away from Boston, 3.5 hours from New York with easy train access. last but not least, there are soo many amazing restaurants to try.

What advice would you give to prospective applicants?
Reaching out to current students is one thing that I found really helpful during my application process and also when the time came to make a decision on coming to Brown and moving to the Providence area. Feel free to reach out about anything whether it’s about cost of leaving of the area, your MPH concentration, housing, etc. Look up faculty working in areas that interest you and reach out to them about projects they are working on that you would like to be involved in. Also, don’t be scared to explore the other concentrations in the MPH program.