Current Master's Students

Students in the Master's Program in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences (BSHS) come from all over the country, and all over the world. Their interests are varied and include substance use and addiction, HIV and AIDS, exercise, and health disparities, among others. Meet them here:

Pamela Acero
Interests: Stress, sleep, and other social and biobehavioral determinants of health behaviors/habits
AdvisorChris Kahler
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BS in Biology/Minor in Psycholog, The George Washington University 

Michael Brickley
Interests: Exercise-mental health linkage
AdvisorDave Williams



Signe Burchim
Interests: Reproductive health and HIV; demography and population health; social science applications in public health
Advisor: Akilah Dulin Keita
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BA in Political Science, Medical Anthropology & Global Health, University of Washington

Yoojin Cha
Interests: Infectious disease intervention; Physical activity
AdvisorDave Williams
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BA in Public Health, Brown University 

Katarina Ferrucci
Interest: Community nutrition, feeding and eating behaviors, postpartum eating disorders, influence of nutrition and adiposity on sensation and perception, awareness of body size.
Advisor: Akilah Dulin Keita
Undergraduate/previous degrees: BS in Psychology, Bard College

Megahn Gonsalves
Interests: Cognitive and neurological determinants of mental illness; antisocial behavior; neuroscience based biotechnology (fMRI, rTMS, etc.) and computer based technology in the treatment of mental illness.
Advisor: Tara White 
Undergraduate/previous degrees: ScB in Cognitive Neuroscience, Brown University

Rebecca Gordon
Interests: Prenatal risk; biobehavioral mechanisms—health behaviors, stress responses, and attachment in infants; biological and social environment interplay on developmental outcomes
Advisor: Christopher Kahler
Undergraduate/previous degree: BA in Psychology,  University of California-Santa Cruz

Alexis Grant
Interests: Mental health stigma and educational interventions
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BS in Psychology/BA in English, Howard University 


Miranda Lauher 
Interests: Teen drinking and media influences
AdvisorKate Carey
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BA in Psychology Niagra University


Victoria Long
Interests: Pharmacological interventions for Alcohol Dependence and Alcohol Use Disorder; Stress and substance use
Advisor: Kate Carey/Carolina Haass-Koffler 
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BA in Psychology/Minor in Mathematics, Providence College 

Steven Martinez
Interests: HIV prevention; Sexual health; Minority populations 
AdvisorDon Operario
Undergraduate/previous degree(s) and institution(s): MA in Health Education, Teachers College-Columbia University; BA in Public Health/Political Science, Hampshire College

Laura McPeake
Interests: Physician health
AdvisorMatthew Mimiaga
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): Doctor of Medicine,
SUNY Health Sci Ctr Brooklyn 


William Nardi
Interests: Nutrition for the prevention and treatment of mental illness and HIV
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): Bachelors in Business   Administration, Culinary Institute of America

Brianna Parlette
Interests: Behavioral and physiological effects of substance abuse, addiction and child adversity on familial relationships and daily living.
Advisor: Peter Monti
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BS in Psychology/Minor in Health Science and Family, Youth and Community Sciences, University of Florida

Gary Portway
Interests: Substance-related biobehavioral dependencies and contingency management
AdvisorPeter Monti
Undergraduate/previous degree(s): BS in Criminal Justice, Bridgewater State University

Akash Radia
Interests: Exercise interventions; Mindfulness-based interventions; Nutrition
AdvisorDave Williams
Undergraduate/previous degree(s) and institution(s): MA in Globalization, Ethnicity, & Culture, University of Sussex; BA, Sarah Lawrence College 

Peter Salhaney
Interests: Health Disparities, HIV Protection and Prevention, Global Health
AdvisorDave Williams
Undergraduate/previous degree(s) and institution(s): BA in Sociology, Providence College

Ryan Segur
Interests: Non-Binary Transgender Population, Social and Mental Issues 
Advisor: Don Operario
Undergraduate/previous degree(s) and institution(s): ScB in Neuroscience, Brown University  


Rachel Souza
InterestsAlcohol use and smoking, addiction, neuroscience and behavior 
Advisor: David Williams 
Undergraduate/previous degree(s) and institution(s): ScB in Neuroscience at Brown University  


Shantell Steve
Interests: Health disparities; Underserved populations
AdvisorAkilah Dulin Keita



Sheila Tumilty
Thesis: A Comparison of Two Health Literacy Screening Instruments in an Urban HIV Population
AdvisorKate Carey