Master's Degree Requirements

The University requires a minimum 8 tuition units for completion of a masters degree.  All students in the Masters of Science (ScM) programs throughout the University are required to demonstrate competency in carrying out an independent research project, culminating in a written thesis. There is no written examination requirement for the ScM or AM degrees.

Students entering the Master's Degree Program  within the Department of Biostatistics are assumed to have the necessary background including three semesters of calculus, one semester of linear algebra and at least one semester of probability prior to attending Brown. Students who have not taken the probability course will be strongly urged to take this in the summer before matriculation.  

Master's students should discuss their study plan with their academic advisor at the beginning of each semester.

Required Courses

Fundamentals of Probability and Statistical Inference (PHP2515) OR Statistical Inference I (PHP2520)
Principles of Biostatistics and Data Analysis (PHP2510) and Applied Regression Analysis (PHP2511) OR
Linear Models (PHP2601) and Generalized Linear Models (PHP2605)
Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research (PHP2120) OR Foundation in Epidemiologic Research Methods (PHP2150)
Statistical Computing (PHP2560)
PHP101 - An online, non-credit modular course covering the scope of public health
For ScM Track Only - Graduate Independent Study and Thesis Research (PHP2980)

3 Electives from the approved list, below

Approved Electives

Clinical Trials Methodology (PHP2030)
Statistical Genetics (PHP2223)
Bayesian Statistical Methods (PHP2530)
Practical Data Analysis (PHP2550)
Statistical Inference II (PHP2580)
Linear Models (PHP2601)
Analysis of Lifetime Data (PHP2602)
Analysis of Longitudinal Data (PHP2603)
Statistical methods for Spatial Data (PHP2604)
Generalized Linear Models (PHP2605) 
Causal Inference & Missing Data (PHP2610)
Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics (PHP2620)
Data Science (PHP2630)

Sample Master's Curriculum

PHP 2515 - Fundamentals of Probability and Statistical Inference
(Semester 1)
PHP 2510 - Principles of Biostatistics (Semester 1)
PHP 2511 - Applied Regression (Semester 2)
PHP 2560 - Statistical Computing (Semester 2)
PHP 2120/2150 - Epidemiology (Semester 1 or 3)
PHP 101 - Scope of Public Health (Semester 1 & 2)
3 Electives from approved list (above)
PHP2980 - Thesis for ScM only (Semester 4)