Health Data Science Track

New for 2016 --- Available to ScM Degree students onlyNew for 2016 --- Available to ScM Degree students only

Data related to health and life sciences has never been more challenging and complex. Biostatistical data scientists with rigorous methodologic training, experience in modern computing and collaboration, and involvement in domain research are in high demand in the health sector and beyond!

Students in the Biostatistics Master’s Health Data Science track will receive in-depth training in biostatistical theory and methods, augmented by specialized training in modern data science techniques.


Data science by its very nature is interdisciplinary. It cannot be accomplished without mathematics, computer science, statistics and knowledge of the application field. The Health Data Science track in the Biostatistics Master's Graduate Program will give students in-depth skills in the key areas of data science where statistics lie. In addition, students will acquire familiarity with all other aspects of data science. This Health Data Science track will provide training in:

  • Modeling, Statistical Learning, and High Dimensional Data
  • Fundamental Data Science Concepts and Approaches
  • Statistical Computing
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration
  • Familiarity with Full Process of Data Science


The Health Data Science track of the Biostatistics Master's of Science degree program requires 9 courses plus the Public Health online course (PHP101). The curriculum for this track follows the sequence listed below.  Interested candidates should apply for this track through the Biostatistics Master's application process described on our Master's Admissions page and make your interest known through your personal statement which is required as part of your application.

Semester 1

Fundamentals of Probability and Statistical Inference (PHP 2515)

Statistical Computing I (PHP 2560)

Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research (PHP 2120)

Semester 2

Applied Generalized Linear Models (PHP 2514)

Statistical Computing II (PHP 2561)

Semester 3

Practical Data Analysis (PHP 2550)

Graduate Independent Study & Thesis Research (PHP 2980)

Semester 4

Statistical Learning / Big Data (PHP2650)

Health Data Science (New Course)

**NEW FOR 2016** for ScM**NEW FOR 2016** for ScM

Available only to Brown UndergraduatesAvailable only to Brown Undergraduates