ScM/AM Track

The Biostatistics Master's degree programs are designed to provide advanced training for individuals pursuing careers as professional statisticians or data analysts in industry, government or academia; those contemplating doctoral study in biostatistics; and established researchers seeking advanced training in biostatistics. The training is provided through coursework and, for the ScM track, the completion of a thesis or thesis project.  The programs require one to two years to complete.  


The ScM and AM degrees in Biostatistics will provide training in:

  • Probability and Statistical Inference
  • Statistical Computing
  • Regression Modeling including generalized linear models and survival analysis
  • Communication
  • Collaboration


The AM and ScM degrees in Biostatistics requires 8 or 9 courses plus the new PHP 101 Public Health online course.  The specifics are as follows:

Required Courses - ScM and AM

Fundamentals of Probability & Statistical Inference (PHP 2515)
Statistical Computing I (PHP 2560)
Introduction to Methods in Epidemilogic Research (PHP 2120)
Applied Generalized Linear Models (PHP 2514)
Scope of Public Health (PHP 0101)  A multi-module, online course
Graduate Independent Study & Thesis Research - ScM Track Only
(PHP 2980)

Elective Courses (at least 4)

Statistical Computing II (PHP 2561)
Health Data Science (New Course for Spring 2018)
Clinical Trials Methodology (PHP 2030)
Statistical Genetics (PHP 2223)
Bayesian Statistical Methods (PHP 2530)
Practical Data Analysis (PHP 2550)
Linear Models (PHP 2601)
Analysis of Lifetime Data (PHP 2602)
Analysis of Longitudinal Data (PHP 2603)
Statistical Methods for Spatial Data (PHP 2604)
Generalized Linear Models (PHP 2605)
Causal Inference & Missing Data (PHP 2610)
Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics (PHP 2620)
Statistical Learning and Big Data (PHP 2650)


First Year Master’s Curriculum 2016-17 Academic Year:

Fall 2016

Fundamentals of Probability and Statistical Inference (PHP 2515)

Statistical Computing I (PHP 2560)

Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research (PHP 2120)

Spring 2017

Applied Generalized Linear Models (PHP 2514)

Elective 1

**NEW FOR 2016** for ScM**NEW FOR 2016** for ScM

Available only to Brown UndergraduatesAvailable only to Brown Undergraduates