Undergraduate Statistics Concentration

The Undergraduate Concentration in Statistics, established in 1997 as an interdepartmental program leading to the ScB degree, was administered originally by the Center for Statistical Sciences and is now under the auspices of the Department of Biostatistics.  

The Concentration is based on several premises: that statistics is a scientific discipline in its own right, with specialized methodologies and body of knowledge; that it is essentially concerned with the art and science of data analysis; and that it is best taught in conjunction with specific, substantive applications. To this end, the Concentration is designed to provide foundations that include basic statistical concepts and methodologies, and to expose students to the role of statistical thinking and analysis in interdisciplinary research and in the public sphere.  The Concentration prepares students for careers in industry and government, for graduate study in statistics or biostatistics and other sciences, as well as for professional study in law, medicine, business, or public administration.

Diversity Statement:
The Department of Biostatistics has a deep respect for the views of all people.  We welcome and, indeed, seek differences in opinion, experiences and individuals.  The Department is dedicated to an open and welcoming environment where diverse cultures and lifestyles can converge and work together to strengthen, inform and develop the science of statistics.  We encourage the infusion of our undergraduate concentrators to enrich and strengthen the education, research and collaborative spirit within Brown University‚Äôs Department of Biostatistics and the School of Public Health.