Victoria Grase
 Undergraduate Institution: Clark Atlanta University
 Research Interests: Black women’s maternal mortality rates, Mental health amongst low-income/underserved communities, Rehabilitation for prison inmates and newly released civilians
 Future Professional goals: My goal is to continuously ensure a healthier future for all by fighting and disputing the injustices in healthcare worldwide. Health equity and accessibility amongst all people is the ultimate purpose so I want to primarily focus on the underrepresented and underserved communities to reach a level of fairness in all areas of health. Whether that be ranging from neurological studies to community informationals on healthier lifestyle choices and resources. I just aim to make a positive impact on the journey of improving healthcare from a multitude of aspects.


Destiny Rankins

 Undergraduate Institution: Howard University
 Research Interests: Health disparities 
 Future Professional goals: The health disparities that disproportionately affect underserved communities have caused a lack of trust in research clinical trials. Lack of clinical trial participation results in insufficient amounts of research needed to help address the increased risk of chronic illnesses and diseases in these communities. As a future biostatistician, my goal is to contribute by designing effective clinical trials to help instill trust and improve overall health outcomes in underserved communities.



Alitzel Serrano
 Undergraduate Institution: Tougaloo College
Research Interests: Minority Health, Health disparities, Chronic Diseases
 Future Professional goals: My professional goal is to lead research on how chronic diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, impact minority and underserved communities. I also hope to advance understanding of the factors that engender health disparities in order to promote effective methods to combat health disparities through policy, community, healthcare, or individual level change.