Meet the Biostatistics Core Administrative Team

From left to right: Denise Arver, Jennifer Quiroz, Diane Deignan, Lisa Ward, Kellye Gilley, Rose Benar, and Suzanne Araujo. Missing: Isabel Vieira, Lourdez Caballeros

The Biostatistics Administrative Core is one of four Administrative Cores within Brown University’s School of Public Health. The Core Admin team supports the Department of Biostatistics and the Center for Statistical Sciences

Meet Our Team

The Core is led by Suzanne Araujo, Director of Finance and Administration. 

Denise Arver is the Academic Manager and is responsible for all things involving Academic Administration. 

Diane Deignan is the Grants and Financial Manager for the Core. She works closely with Kellye Gilley and Isabel Vieira who are Grants and Financial Specialists. 

Jenni Quiroz is the Operations Manager and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office as well as larger-scale logistical, structural and event planning.

Lourdez Caballeros is the Administrative Coordinator and is responsible for providing day-to-day operations of the administrative core, website maintenance, and administrative support to the Department Chair and Center Director.

Tremendous growth at the School of Public Health has not only increased our School’s impact, but has highlighted the importance of a scalable organizational framework. In November 2021, the School rolled out a reorganization of its administrative staff. The cornerstone of the School’s new structure is its four administrative cores, each aligned with one of the four academic departments:

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Health Services, Policy, and Practice

Research centers that correspond with each academic department are also supported by the overarching administrative cores.

The goal of this new foundation is to provide consistent structures for each center and department. By grouping staff into these cores, we create pathways for staff support and growth, foster collaboration and community among staff and faculty, and coordinate with similar efforts in other parts of the University.

Here are some things our team enjoys doing: 

Diane Deignan, Suzanne Araujo,
Denise Arver, Jenni Quiroz, Lourdez Caballeros


  • In her spare time, Denise enjoys landscape photography, crocheting or picking up the ole six-string.
  • Jenni enjoys traveling, eating vanilla ice cream, and napping with her English bulldog Chloe. 
  • Diane enjoys reading and spending time with her grandkids.
  • Suzanne enjoys reading, relaxing on the beach, and spending time with family and friends. 
  • Kellye enjoys discovering new restaurants/cuisine, spending time with family, friends, and her pet kitties, Lucy(fur) and Prissy, and watching old movies.
  • Isabel enjoys reading legal mystery books. She loves the courtroom drama!
  • Lourdez enjoys astrology, Providence history, Halloween, and tattoos!