Celebrating our 2017 Graduates

The Department of Biostatistics celebrated its 2017 graduates with family, friends, faculty and staff on Saturday, 27 May 2017, during our annual Biostatistics Commencement Reception.  Also recognized were our 2017 Department award winners and the Department’s inaugural chair, Dr. Constantine Gatsonis.

The Department's 2017 graduating class included:

Bahar Erar-Hood, PhD
Chenyang Gu, PhD
Mun Sang Yue, PhD
Yi Zhao, PhD


Chang Chen, ScM                                             Ziling Qin, ScM
Yuanfei Chen, ScM                                          Alex Reda, AM
Alexandra Ellis, AM                                        Iman Saeed, ScM
Lu Feng, AM                                                     Zheng Si, AM
Ruiting Guo, ScM                                           Megan Thompson, AM
Zeling He, ScM                                                Fangyu Wang, ScM
Seoung won Lim, ScM                                   Yanbing Wang, ScM
Yuanqing Liu, AM                                           Wanting Zhai, ScM
Yuxi Liu, ScM                                                  Wen Zheng, AM
Devin McCabe, AM

Sarah Eltinge, ScB
Victor Li, ScB
Brandon Zborowski, ScB

Doctoral Graduate Program Director, Zhijin Wu, announced the 2017 recipient of the PhD Research Presentation Award as 2nd-year doctoral student, Ruoshui Zhai, for her doctoral research presentation entitled “Missing Data Imputation with a Bayesian Singular Value Decomposition Model”.   The award was presented by Ruoshui’s thesis advisor, Roee Gutman.

Biostatistics Master’s Graduate Program Director, Adam Sullivan, announced the 2017 Master’s Thesis Award which, due to the excellent caliber of theses submissions this year, was awarded to two of our graduating Master’s students.

Inman Saeed, ScM'17, received recognition for her thesis entitled “Comparison ofMethods for Handling Missing Outcome Data in Randomized Controlled Trials” and was acknowledged with her thesis advisors, Issa Dahabreh, MD and Joseph Hogan, ScD.

Yanbing Wang, ScM’17, was also acknowledged for her thesis entitled “Local Sensitivity Assessment of Discrete-Time Cox Regression to Informative Censoring with Application to an HIV-Care Engagement Study.”  Joining Adam Sullivan in this recognition was Yanbing’s thesis advisor, Tao Liu, PhD.

Incoming Department Chair, Joseph W. Hogan, ScD, took a few moments to acknowledge the distinguished role of Henry Ledyard Goddard Professor of Biostatistics, Constantine Gatsonis, as not only the inaugural Chair of the Department of Biostatistics and a key architect in the establishment of the School of Public Health, but as the founder of Biostatistics at Brown.  Dr. Gatsonis joined Brown in 1995 and has worked tirelessly since that time to build a nationally-renowned Department of 15 faculty members and boasting over 130 graduates in the doctoral, Master’s and undergraduate statistics concentration programs.  Dr. Gatsonis will remain a vital faculty member with the Department and the Director of the Center for Statistical Sciences.  Dr. Hogan assumes the Chair responsibilities effective 1 July 2017.

Visit our Department's photo site to access the pictures from our 2017 Biostatistics Commencement Reception and the 2017 School of Public Health Commencement Ceremony.