Doctoral Candidate, Bahar Erar-Hood to Present Dissertation Defense

26 August 2016 Update:  Congratulations to Bahar, who successfully defended her dissertation on Friday!

Bahar Erar-Hood, Biostatistics doctoral candidate, will present her dissertation defense on Friday, 26 August 2016.  Her thesis is entitled “Whole Genome Regression for Modeling Gene by Treatment Interactions in Structured Populations”.

Ms. Erar-Hood joined the Department’s doctoral program in September 2011 after receiving her MS in Statistics at the University of Tennessee.  She has been quite successful in her endeavors, working with her thesis advisor, Dr. George Papandonatos, during the past four years.  Ms. Erar-Hood already has an impressive publication record through her work with Dr. Papandonatos on several research projects such as the Look AHEAD project and the iQUITT study.  She received the University’s Sidney E. Frank Fellowship in 2012 and was awarded the Department’s PhD Research Presentation Award in 2016.

Ms. Erar-Hood’s thesis committee includes her thesis advisor, Dr. George Papandonatos, as well as Biostatistics Associate Professor Zhijin Wu, PhD; Computer Science Professor Sorin Istrail, PhD; Biostatistics Assistant Professor Cici Bauer, PhD; and, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior (Research) Jeanne McCaffery, PhD.

Upon completion of her doctorate, Ms. Erar-Hood plans to accept the position of Investigator with the Department of Biostatistics and the Center for Statistical Sciences.