Wei Cheng Successful in Dissertation Defense

Wei Cheng, a 6th-year doctoral candidate, successfully defended his thesis on 23 March 2016.  Wei worked with Dr. Constantine Gatsonis on his thesis entitled "Network Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies".   Wei's Dissertation Committee included Dr. Gatsonis and Dr. Chris Schmid and Dr. Tom Trikalinos, both with the Center for Evidence-Based Medicine.

During this past year, while preparing his dissertatin defense, Wei had been working with the Mapi Group's Health Economics Outcomes Research team on projects involving evidence synthesis and health economic evaluations. Mapi is a leading Patient-Centered Research company serving academia, life science researchers and the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years.

Wei has recently returned to China, where he received his BS in Applied Mathematics from the School of Mathematical Sciences in Beijing's Normal University and plans to return to the US.