Department Welcomes Newest Faculty Member

Brown Biostatistics Welcomes Roberta De Vito, PhD

The Department of Biostatistics is pleased to announce our newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Roberta De Vito.

De Vito is a statistician with a passion for the development of statistical tools for cancer research, with particular focus on epidemiology and genomics. She completed her PhD in Statistical Science at the University of Padua, in Italy, and was advised by Ruggiero Bellio and Giovanni Parmigiani at Harvard University where she developed her thesis work.

De Vito’s main research interests are in latent variable modeling, Bayesian nonparametric, variable selection via sparsity prior, machine learning and big data with particular focus on genomics and epidemiology. She was a Postdoc at Princeton University in Barbara Engelhardt’s research group where De Vito developed Bayesian and latent variable discrete modeling in high-dimensional biological and epidemiological data. Full details on Professor De Vito’s work can be found on her website.

Professor De Vito is a member of Brown’s Data Science Initiative (DSI) and will be teaching Probability, Statistics and Machine Learning (DATA2020) for the DSI’s Master’s Program in Data Science this Spring. De Vito is also a member of the Center for Statistical Sciences within Brown University’s School of Public Health.

We are excited to welcome Professor De Vito to the Department, as part of the Data Science Initiative and the School of Public Health! When you see Professor De Vito, please be sure to say "Benvenuta"!