The research enterprise in Biostatistics combines the creation of new statistical methods and the development of significant interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with local, national, and international investigators.



Biostatistics faculty members are key contributors to the development of interdisciplinary funded research projects at Brown but also at the national and international levels. Major current projects include:

(Constantine Gatsonis, Fenghai Duan, Zheng Zhang).  Biostatistics faculty provide methodologic expertise and leadership to multi-center studies of imaging modalities across the spectrum of care for cancer and other chronic diseases. The Center for Statistical Sciences hosts the Biostatistics Center of the American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN) since the formation of the network in 1999. CSS also co-hosts the Biostatistics Center of the recently formed ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group. A large network of hospitals across the country and internationally participate in ACRIN and ECOG-ACRIN trials.

(Joseph Hogan, Tao Liu, Xi Luo) CSS hosts the Biostatistics Cores for the Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the Brown Alcohol Research Center for HIV (ARCH).  Each of these includes collaborations with researchers across SPH, Alpert Medical School, multiple public health research centers, and Brown’s affiliated hospitals.

(Christopher Schmid, Constantine Gatsonis).  Research conducted in collaboration with Center for Evidence Based Medicine at Brown.

(George Papandonatos, Tao Liu) Research collaborations with colleagues at Miriam, Rhode Island and Butler Hospitals in studies of tobacco addiction, nutrition and obesity studies, and behavioral epidemiology

 (Xi Luo, Joseph Hogan). Biostatistics faculty lead the Design and Analysis Core (DAC) of the Center for Nervous System Function (COBRE) at Brown, which brings together researchers from neuroscience, cognitive and linguistic sciences, biostatistics, computer science, applied math, and Brown’s affiliated hospitals to pursue fundamental research on brain function. Other research includes collaborations with neuroscientists at Brown and Yale.

 (Roee Gutman, Costantine Gatsonis). Biostatistics faculty have extensive collaborations with colleagues in the Department of Health Services Policy and Practice and the Geriatrics and Extended Care Data Analysis Center (GEC DAC) and Center for Innovation in Long Term Services and Supports (COIN-LTSS) of the Providence VA. They are also involved in Cancer Care Delivery Research through the National Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) of NCI.

(Joseph Hogan, Tao Liu). Biostatistics faculty work with the USAID-funded AMPATH Consortium, a collaboration between Moi University in Kenya and 18 universities in North America. They are also involved in  NHLBI Center of Excellence for Cardiovascular Health, a joint project involving Brown, Duke and Indiana Universities in the US and Moi University in Kenya.