SUMHLC training

During the full day SUMHLC training led by BRUNAP that included registered nurses (RNs), advanced practice RNs, social workers, and substance use and mental health counselors, eight speakers covered advancements in HIV and HCV treatment in relation to the continuum of care, prevention strategies and new technologies to prevent HIV transmission, the management of co-morbid conditions, and risk-reduction counseling related to HIV/HCV/STD infection. Following the program, attendees commented that they were “more comfortable discussing sex practices in counseling” and expect to provide “resources about HIV/STD testing for minors.” Overall, attendees reported that the activity was “excellent and comprehensive [due to] the diverse group of presenters” with some sharing that the program provided “new information [to their work]” and recommended that this activity be “a required class for anyone working in substance use disorder or mental health treatment”