Training and Education

BRUNAP staff and faculty are engaged in providing training and education to health care providers throughout Rhode Island.

Conference on Youth Sexual Health Education (CYSHE)

Led by BRUNAP, the Conference on Youth Sexual Health Education (CYSHE) provided training to more than 100 nurses, social workers, physicians, and members of local community-based organizations. Attendees expressed a particular interest in learning further about culturally-sensitive language in working with sexual and gender minority patients and were interested in expanding sexual health services in their school districts after participating in the conference.

RI ANAC Teaching Day

The 14th Annual RI ANAC Teaching Day co-sponsored by BRUNAP was a full-day conference that covered prevention strategies to shift the HIV/AIDS epidemic, updates on antiretroviral therapy, identifying the impact of substance use such as crystal meth use among gay men living with HIV, sex positivity, and HIV in special populations focusing on African Americans. Over 90% of attendees responded that the conference enhanced their awareness of the unique needs of their HIV patients and that they planned to use more sex positive discourse with them.

SUMHLC training

During the full day SUMHLC training led by BRUNAP that included registered nurses (RNs), advanced practice RNs, social workers, and substance use and mental health counselors, eight speakers covered advancements in HIV and HCV treatment in relation to the continuum of care, prevention strategies and new technologies to prevent HIV transmission, the management of co-morbid conditions, and risk-reduction counseling related to HIV/HCV/STD infection.

HIV/STI Health Care Provider Trainings

Trainings to educate providers about current HIV/STI rates in Rhode Island, pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis, advancements in antiretroviral therapy, and increasing screening for HIV/STIs.

Faculty Development Conference

Annual two-day event with The New England AIDS Education and Training Center to provide clinical updates on HIV to health care providers in the New England region.