The Center for Children's Environmental Health is dedicated to promoting the health of children by understanding the determinants, health effects, and biological action of environmental pollutant exposures from before conception until adolescence. Our Center is engaged in studies examining pesticides, drinking water contaminants, metals, and chemicals used in consumer products.

Our Center’s interdisciplinary group of faculty, postdocs, clinicians, students, staff, and practitioners conduct research, teaching, and community engagement in Rhode Island and around the world. Members and affiliates of Center for Children's Environmental Health investigate the connections between human health and environmental pollutants (research), support trainees as they develop, learn or apply innovative approaches to important public health problems (training), and engage with governments, communities, and individuals to improve environmental conditions for children (translation and practice).

Specifically, the Center for Children's Environmental Health:

  1. Provides a hub at Brown University and across the region for children’s environmental health research and action;
  2. Provides diverse learning opportunities for trainees from any academic background to engage in children’s environmental health research or practice;
  3. Facilitates translation of environmental health research into action through engagement of governments, communities, and individuals.