Good to Go





Multiple Principal Investigators
Patricia Markham Risica,  DrPH, MPH
Kim M. Gans, PhD, MPH, LDN 

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Grant Number: RO1 CA133396

Innovative approaches to increase F&V intake thru worksites: The Fresh Initiative

This research project studies the efficacy of innovative interventions to improve fruit and vegetable consumption of employees by building upon a successful pilot intervention—the Fresh Initiative.

This project is a partnership with a private fruit and vegetable distribution company to regularly deliver high quality, low cost, fresh fruits and vegetables directly to the worksite for purchase by employees to bring home or eat at the workplace. The hypothesis is that providing convenient, inexpensive access to fruit and vegetable purchases at the worksite will increase the availability of fruits and vegetables at the workplace as well as the home, which will increase the fruit and vegetable intake of the employee as well as his or her family.