Postdoc Spotlight

Photo of Chanee Fabius

Introducing Chanee Fabius, a former AHRQ trainee here at the Center for Gerontology & Health Care Research:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself (e.g., research background, training, current position/institution)

My research experience is informed by prior family caregiving, as well as care management experience. I am a gerontologist and health services researcher. My PhD is in Human Gerontology and Family Studies from the University of Connecticut.

  • Tell us what drew you to apply to our postdoctoral program

I had an interest in health services research, particularly disparities and long-term services and support work.

  • Were there any relevant training/experiences that were particularly useful that you could highlight?

I would highlight the hands-on training experiences unique to the program. For example, I was able to expand my research to using Medicare-Medicaid claims data.


  • What lessons did you receive here that translated into success for you?

Lessons included research specific strategies, such as the inclusion of Medicare-Medicaid claims to describe racial and ethnic disparities in Medicaid Home and Community Based Services and Assisted Living. This experience and mentorship that I received in this research area helped provide foundation research findings that helped in my transition from Brown University to Johns Hopkins University.

  • What would you say to current doctoral students considering applying to our program? What important advice do you think they need to have?

The Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research is home to researchers with tremendous expertise on long-term services and supports. My advice is to know that the time flies! Be intentional about you educational and training needs. Be open to new opportunities. Write!