Awardees for the Ginsberg Aging Research Fund

Congratulations to our three students:  Aaron Castillo, Anuva Goel and Krissia Rivera Perla who are the 2021 Awardees.  And many thanks to their mentors:  Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez and David Meyers.  Below is the table showing the names of the awardees with the title of their respective projects. 


Title of Project


Aaron Castillo

Improving Insurance Plan Choice and Decision-Making Among Medicare Advantage Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez

Anuva Goel

The Impact of COVID-19 among Nursing Homes with Different Proportions of

Residents with Cognitive Impairment

Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez

Krissia Rivera Perla

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR bundle) and the Area Deprivation Index

(ADI): Are patients from more disadvantaged neighborhoods more likely to exceed the target cost of care?


David Meyers