Awardees for the Ginsberg Aging Research Fund

Congratulations to our three students: Shirley Dong, Grace Reed, Darlene Tat, and Cody Douglas 2022 Awardees.  And many thanks to their mentors:  Eric Jutkowitz, Alyssa Billinski, Emma Belanger, Kaley Hayes and Cyrus Kosar.  Below is the table showing the names of the awardees with the title of their respective projects. 


Title of Project


Shirley Dong

Policies and interventions that seek to mitigate the negative effects of COVID-19 on people who live and work in nursing homes. 

Eric Jutkowitz & Alyssa Bilinski

Grace Reed

Investigating Differences in Quality of End-of-Life Care between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes using the NHATS last Month of Life Interview

Emma Belanger

Darlene Tat

Sliding Scale Insulin (SSI) therapy use in the NH setting using EHR data


Kaley Hayes

Cody Douglas


Investigating the Relationship Between Rural and Urban Nursing Home Placement Disparities Resulting from Reduced Health Care Access and Increased Disability

Cyrus Kosar