New Funding Awards

Name Source Description
David Dosa University of South Florida-Tampa (NIA Prime Sponsor) COVID-19 Supplement to Strategic Approach to Facilitating Evacuation by Health Assessment of Vulnerable Elderly in Nursing Homes II (SAFE HAVEN II)
Eric Jutkowitz Regents of the University of Minnesota Person-Reported and Health Care Utilization Outcomes of Home and Community Based Care Recipients With and Without Alzheimer's Disease and its Related Dementias 
Vince Mor National Institute on Aging Improved Testing for COVID-19 in Skilled Nursing Facilities:  IMPACT-C
Amal Trivedi Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Infection Control Measures in Dialysis Facilities after COVID-19: Disparities in Adoption and Impact on Hospitalization and Mortality 
Ira Wilson Peter G. Peterson Foundation Rhode Island Health Care Cost Analysis and Cost Growth Target-Setting - 2 
Andrew Zullo Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NIA Prime Sponsor) DEploying High ValuE LOngitudinal Population-Based dAta in Dementia Research (DEVELOP AD Research)