Surdna Application Process

For Brown Faculty and Physicians at Brown Teaching Hospitals Only


The Surdna applicant will identify a faculty member from the Center to be his or her mentor.

The proposal should be no longer than 5 double-spaced pages, exclusive of budget pages, "other support" , letters of reference and CV. All proposals should be addressed to:

Audrey Kydd
Director, Administration
Center for Gerontology and Healthcare Research
School of Public Health
Brown University
121 South Main Street, 6th Floor
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
[email protected]

Please note: applications will not be reviewed until they are completed and submitted in full (i.e., all documents received).


A. Name, Appointment, Title, Location, Division, Academic Superior, Years at Brown
B. Description of Proposed Research Project - Four pages
C. Personal statement of interest in aging research - One page 
D. Anticipated next steps in research path (e.g. proposal to NIH)
E. Other Support
F. Curriculum Vitae
G. Budget and Narrative Budget Justification - $25,000 for one year
H. Identify Center Faculty Member to be your Mentor.
I.  Letters of reference from clinical advisor and also Center Faculty Mentor.  Letters should describe their relationship with candidate, their assessment of the candidates strengths/areas for further career development, probability of project success and further funding, and plan for oversight/collaboration.